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ROSE HYDROLATE - product of steam distillation of the Crimean roses. Without alcohol or preservatives.

INCI: Rosa gallica L. water.

Rose hydrolate gently cleanses the skin, removing inflammation, redness and irritation. Has a nourishing and moisturizing action, saturating the skin with vitamins, micro and macro elements, smoothes wrinkles, refreshes and deodorizes the face and body. Maintains water balance, promotes regeneration of the skin, makes it velvety and fresh. It is used to relieve inflammation and dryness of the skin around the eyes, eliminate conjunctivitis, cramps. Tones the scalp, reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

Rose hydrolate scent is powerful and exhilarating. You will not remain indifferent.

- Adds shine
- Refreshes and gives a light floral scent
- Recommended for dandruff (seborrhea)

- Suitable for all skin types
- Suitable for skin care around the eyes
- Has a rejuvenating and antioxidant effect
- Moisturizes and tones
- Relieves irritation and evens skin tone
- Helps in the treatment of acne and dermatological diseases

- Antiseptic
- Healing
- Anti-inflammatory
- Restores the balance of the endocrine system
- Has a positive effect on the nervous system

- As a tonic for the skin
- To prepare various homemade cosmetics, cultivation of dry masks and scrubs.
- In the form of compresses to reduce puffiness of eyes and dark circles under the eyes
- For solar and thermal burns to regenerate
- As a hair spray. Strengthens hair roots, gives a light floral scent and shine
- For scenting the house and linen
- As the basis for dilution of essential oils for aromatherapy
- The intake for the normalization of hormonal levels, relieving symptoms of PMS
- As a gargle for the treatment of periodontal disease, sore throats and tonsillitis

- Individual intolerance to rose essential oil

- Store in dark place at temperature below 17 °C.
- Storage at room temperature significantly reduces the shelf life of hydrolate.
- When storing environment temperature above +10 °C, the slight precipitate.
- Use inside only on the recommendation of a therapist!
- Hydrolates at subzero temperatures (-3 °C and below) can freeze and break the container in which they are located (the glass breaks).
- All hydrolates during the winter season only sent UNDER the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the BUYER.
- All the information presented on the website, is for reference only and cannot be recognized by treatment guidelines or call to action. In case of any health problems or illnesses need to consult a doctor and perceive aromatherapy as an additional aid to the body. The advice of the aromatherapist is required.

PRODUCED in the Republic of Crimea.

PACKING: 50 ml.

SHELF LIFE: 1 year.

AFTER OPENING: 3 months.

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